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Regina Bundy

Regina came from a line of inventors and educators. She founded the company after evaluating the market potential of the WormWatcher, their first invention.

Richard Bundy Inventor

Rich has been developing solutions for Jefferson Lab and tools around the house for years. His hands-on talent is evident in the details of our products.

Regina Enterprises is a for-profit retailer of Tape Genie, a tape holder that revolutionizes the use of the hand-held tape dispenser. We were founded as a woman-owned small business (SWAM #681154) located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The owners are active in United Inventors Association and the Virginia Inventors Forum, a local Williamsburg inventors club. This is their second patented product. The company was selected and honored to be part of the 2012 National Trademark Expo by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Committed to developing high quality products while helping our customers achieve their dreams.

Regina Enterprises is creating solutions to life’s simple problems.